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Heavy Metal Toxicity Test Kit


Exposure to high levels of toxic metals can cause severe health problems such as auto-immune diseases, nervous system damage, and various types of cancer.  Check for the amount of toxic metals in soil, drinking water & waste water.

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Heavy Metal Toxicity Test Kit

Environmental Innovative Technologies offered Heavy Metal Test Kits for Soil & Water are the most consumer friendly, legally defensible, laboratory certified, Heavy Metal Toxicity Test kits in the Market!   That’s why our Heavy Metal Toxicity Test kits are referred to as, “The Environmental Professional In-A-Box.” tm

Toxic metals can cause cancer, organ, auto-immune, nervous system damage, which can lead to death after high exposure levels and can be commonly found in our daily environments.   Exposure to metals may occur through diet/food, medications, the environment, sprays and insecticides, or in the course of work or play. Our Environmental Professional In-A-Box tm Heavy Metal Toxicity test kit analyzes for the following; (Silver-Ag, Aluminum-Al, Arsenic-As, Boron-B, Barium-Ba, Beryllium-Be, Calcium-Ca, Cadmium-Cd, Cobalt-Co, Chromium-Cr, Copper-Cu, Iron-Fe, Potassium-K, Magnesium-Mg, Manganese-Mn, Molybdenum-Mo, Sodium-Na, Nickel-Ni, Lead-Pb, Antimony-Sb, Selenium-Se, Tin-Sn, Titanium-Ti, Thallium-Tl, Vanadium-V, Zinc-Zn).

To keep your family healthy and safe and avoid unnecessary poisoning, check the metals contents of the soil around your home, your drinking water, and ground water. All tests are conducted using EPA-approved methods and meet all EPA and certification agencies’ requirements. Simply ship your Heavy Metal Test kit sample to the lab in the original sample box with our pre-paid shipping label. The analysis fee is included in the kit purchase price; no hidden fees. An analytical report is delivered within 5 business days of receipt of the sample.

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