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Asbestos Test Kit


Check for the presence of Cancer causing asbestos fibers.  This certified testing kit is what you need to ensure your personal environments are not contaminated with environmentally hazardous Asbestos.  This test kit is for the PLM analysis of suspicious material.  All testing methods used at our lab are run by EPA approved methods.

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Asbestos Test Kit

The lives of many individuals have been adversely affected by previous asbestos exposure and this mineral can still be found throughout the country, particularly in old homes, factories, and commercial buildings. This continued presence of asbestos means that it is likely that more individuals will be impacted by the mineral in the years to come.  No amount of asbestos exposure is safe; however, the longer and more intense the exposure, the more likely an individual is to develop mesothelioma cancer or another asbestos disease.

Act fast and check for the presence of cancer causing carcinogens with Environmental Innovative Technologies’ Certified Asbestos Test Kit. It is easy and simple to use. All tests are run by EPA approved methods and meet all EPA, State, and certification agency requirements. Our Asbestos Test Kit offers a variety of kits that include the number of samples you need to take. Whether you are taking 5, 10, or 20 samples, all kits come with everything needed to take that number of samples for the amount of Asbestos in the home or office. Analysis Fee and Shipping to the laboratory is included in the price. NO HIDDEN FEES. Professional, accurate and certified analytical report is sent within 5 business days of receipt of kit.


  • Dust Mask
  • Pre Packaged Gloves
  • Sample Baggies
  • Chain of Custody
  • Return Shipping label & Shipper Bag


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Weight 1 lbs

Single, 5-Pack, 10-Pack, 20-Pack

Turnaround From Lab Upon Receiving Sample

Standard, 24 Hour Rush Turnaround