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Air Quality Test Kit (IAQ)


Are you or your family breathing in toxic organic chemicals from cigarettes, varnishes, paints and solvent?  This Air Quality Test Kit is a library search for over 7,000 toxic compounds affecting indoor air quality


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Air Quality Test Kit

Indoor air pollution is something every home in America struggles with. Since 1970 homes have been built “tighter” to conserve energy. But that same tight construction reduces ventilation, traps indoor air pollutants inside your home and could be making you sick.  By purchasing an air quality test kit to see if your indoor air quality is causing your tiredness, wheeziness, and headaches may help relieve some of the unknown.

The EPA has ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental dangers and has recognized that poor indoor air pollution is a very real problem and ranked it among the top of the environmental dangers facing the public.

Environmental Innovative Technologies air quality test kit will test for the qualitative presence of over 7,000 compounds affecting the indoor air quality. All tests are conducted using NIOSH and OSHA methods and meet all federal and certification agencies’ requirements. Simply ship your sample to the lab in the original air quality test kit sample box. The analysis fee is included in the purchase price; no hidden fees.

An analytical report is sent within 5 business days of receipt of the sample.

Note: This test kit does not test for mold.


  • One 3M Air Sampling Badge
  • Pre-packaged gloves
  • Chain of Custody (COC)
  • Return shipping label and shipper bag

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