Water Testing Kits

The average human adult is approximately 65% water. Consequently, the quality of the water you drink can have a direct impact on your family’s health. Check for the presence of Toxic Heavy metals, Lead, and E. coli with Environmental Innovative Technologies’ Certified water testing kits. They are easy and simple to use and offer a variety of sample analysis inclusive of; Silver-Ag, Aluminum-Al, Arsenic-As, Boron-B, Barium-Ba, Beryllium-Be, Calcium-Ca, Cadmium-Cd, Cobalt-Co, Chromium-Cr, Copper-Cu, Iron-Fe, Potassium-K, Magnesium-Mg, Manganese-Mn, Molybdenum-Mo, Sodium-Na, Nickel-Ni, Lead-Pb, Antimony-Sb, Selenium-Se, Tin-Sn, Titanium-Ti, Thallium-Tl, Vanadium-V, Zinc-Zn) Hexavalent Chromium-Cr6, Mercury-Hg, as well as coliform bacteria for E. Coli which is well documented as an indicator of the Sanitary conditions of food and water. All water testing kits come complete with everything needed to take the appropriate water samples. Analysis Fee and Shipping to the laboratory is included in the price. NO HIDDEN FEES. Professional, accurate and certified analytical report is sent within 5 business days of receipt of kit.