Soil Testing Kits

EIT soil testing kits for heavy and toxic metals are the most consumer friendly, legally defensible, laboratory certified soil testing kits in the Market! Soils tainted with heavy metals from industrial pollution and sewage sludge may poison organisms that live in the soil far more readily than previously thought. Numerous contaminants that enter our environments can contaminate the soil that we grow our foods in, our children put their fingers on and the wind and our feet will migrate. Soil associated environmental contaminants such as toxic heavy metals can cause serious long term health effects, inclusive of; tooth and bone aches, headaches, neurological and intellect impairment, cancer, kidney damage, autoimmunity disorders as well as joint diseases. All tests are conducted using EPA-approved methods and meet all EPA, state, and certification agencies’ requirements. Simply ship your samples to the lab in the original sample box with our pre-paid shipping label. The analysis fee is included in the kit purchase price; no hidden fees.