Mold Testing Kits

Molds are fungi that are found both indoors and outdoors year round. Over the past few years the public has become more educated on the dangers of mold. This increase in awareness of indoor mold exposure and associated health risks has prompted people to check their surroundings, including their homes, school, and offices, making our mold testing kits the perfect product to use. Long term exposure to mold can lead to skin irritation and asthma in healthy people, memory loss, uncontrolled diabetes, or impaired immunity and lethargy. Environmental Innovative Technologies mold testing kits are extremely user friendly and the perfect source for the testing of mold in your home, office, school, house of worship, and other such structures. It will allow you to make sure you, your family, employees and the people you care about are not inhaling elevated levels of mold spores and to find out what kind of mold spores you may be inhaling.