Home Testing Kits

Environmental Innovative Technologies’ home testing kits are your leading brand in providing you that much needed reassurance when it comes to protecting your home, place of business, and most importantly you and your loved ones. Our home testing kits are the only do-it-yourself environmental testing kits in the market that have best price value, legally defensible, and easy-to-use with a certified laboratory analysis.

The threat of your child being lead poisoned because of the toys they put in their mouths or water that they drink, potential health problems, such as asthma, red eyes, runny nose, or skin rash that can be caused by mold or the quality of air you are subject to in your home or office, and more are all reasons to take immediate action and test these concerns.

Some of our featured home testing kits include lead, asbestos, mold and indoor air quality, and all come complete with everything you need to take samples with step-by-step instructions, analysis fee and shipping to the laboratory included in the price. NO HIDDEN FEES. Professional, accurate and certified analytical report is sent within 5 business days of receipt of kit.