Remediation Supplies

If you need State-of-The Art environmental Remediation Supplies, then Environmental Innovative Technologies is your source for Remediation supplies for any lead, mold, or asbestos job. Whether you’re a Do-It-Yourself property owner or a professional contractor, our remediation supplies are what we, as environmental professionals in the industry value, as state-of-the art. We felt these remediation supplies were so beneficial, we needed to share them. Some of our most popular items include our tacky mat’s, comfortable coveralls, HEPA vacuum & Ledizolv lead dust specific cleaning Detergent along with Compliance Videos. We are constantly adding new Remediation Supplies. Environmental Innovative Technologies staff of field of environmental experts is continually evaluating the environmental industry for the best remediation supplies, resources and associated, so we can assist you with a safer, cleaner, and most efficient project.