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Why is Certified Environmental Testing so Important?

Tiredness, ill feelings, sickness, cancer, permanent organ and tissue damage are all too often associated with the environmental toxins present where we live, work and play. With literally hundreds of possible poisons present throughout our daily activities, it is critical to properly protect yourself, your business, your employees, and most importantly you and your family.

But environmental test kits are not all the same! Most mold test kits are actually just screening tools that try to pass as certified analytical lab results. Many soil test kits have very slow sample analysis times. Water test kits are all made differently as well. Some require shipping of water in acid filled dangerous containers. Some lead test kits are just screening tools while some are certified, legally defensible, NLLAP accredited results. And many asbestos test kits contain confusing instructions on how to take samples instead of step-by-step, clear, detailed instructions on how to test with fast delivery of lab analysis.

The Environmental Professional In a Box™ series of Environmental test kits are the only certified laboratory, legally defensible, quantitative, no additional fees, all inclusive self-use environmental test kits with electronic reporting within days. Our certified Mold, Soil, Water, Lead and Asbestos test kits are the same ones used by environmental professionals, home inspectors, contractors, facility managers and homeowners nationwide.

Why spend literally hundreds of dollars hiring an environmental professional when for a fraction of the cost you can obtain the same results and begin protecting yourself today.

Instructions for EIT Test Kits

The following post is the instructions for each EIT Supply Brand Testing Kit. It is important to take the proper steps with your kits to ensure a clean sample, and a proper chain of custody. If you have any questions, please feel free to email info@certifiedkit.com or call 800-348-1060 Monday to Friday with your questions.  Sampling […]

Health Hazards

Most people don’t realize how many hazards exist in homes across America. From lead in paint to mold under your carpet, health hazards might be hiding in your home. From using safe cleaning products, to testing your walls for lead; taking steps towards a healthier home is very do-able.             […]

Test Popcorn Ceiling for Asbestos

The Potential Dangers of a Popcorn Ceiling  Are you considering testing your popcorn ceiling for asbestos? Those grooved bumpy patterns on the ceilings in many homes can be extremely dangerous, and consist of Asbestos. This popular stylizing technique, as recent as the 1980s, included the use of asbestos fibers. Asbestos is highly toxic, and is […]